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What IS the "Act of Imagination"

 *Do a full hypnosis type act without any hypnosis, stooges, trick props, or set-up.  
*People may think they have become furniture, see themselves without pants - any number of wild seemingly "hypnotic demonstrations" are performed without paid helpers or real hypnosis.  
*This is the full act just as Enrique Enriquez has performed it around the world, in theatres, living rooms, art museums and television. 

The next step for Orville Meyer-Telepathy in Action, this eBook will give you all the details about this fully explained act.

It's EASY. But it will take practice. 

 Enrique also tips for the first time his classic blindfold portrait effect with all the touches and details only he alone can tell. Draw accurate portraits of unseen people, even if you are not an artist! and Kenton tips his special duct tape blindfold designed for Enrique's act as well. Your head is down, eyes to the floor the entire time, duct tape all over your eyes and nose. No nose peek, no seeing through the blindfold either.

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